SDXC cards seen in the wild

Beside an eSATA flash drive

I CAN’T SAY that I can remember seeing Pretec before this Computex, but they sure are leaving an impression. They had two flash memory widgets at the show that caught my eye, a card and a stick.

 Pretec SDXC card

Pretec SDXC card

The first will seem pretty banal in a year or so, but the 32G SDXC card is the first SDXC device I have seen in the wild. Other than the stupid patented file system foisted upon us by MS and the SD card people, there is nothing bad here. Just capacity, and more is a plus there.

USB and eSATA combo drive 

Cobras, a sign of speed in some cultures

Next up we have something that we really hope will be more common soon, an eSATA and USB combo flash drive. The Cobra is a very nice thing to have, drive capacities are steadily climbing, and USB speeds are not. eSATA connectivity to your memory stick is a great stopgap between growing old waiting for USB2 to copy files and growing old waiting for USB3.S|A

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