Thermaltake Level 10 is a go

As good as the preview suggested

THE THERMALTAKE LEVEL 10 is the most striking and beautiful case to come out in the last few years. After a sneak peek at CeBIT, it finally got an official unveiling today.

Thermaltake Level 10 front view

Level 10 from the front

The case itself was unveiled by the CEO of Thermaltake, Kenny Lin, backed up by Levi Murray from AMD and Laurenz Schaffer of BMW Design Group Designworks, USA. The design was done by BMW, and it is much more spectacular in person than in photos. You really do need to see one first hand to understand what an amazing design this is.

 Thermaltake Level 10 side view

Much more complex from the side

The case itself is made from thick sheets of aluminum, the side panels are bent outwards to form the feet. Up close the smooth curves and clean attachments scream quality, and the case is much heavier than it looks. It may be odd, but nothing is out of place, it all works together seamlessly.

Thermaltake Level 10 rear view

Some of this looks familiar

From the back, you can see where the standard PC components mount, so even if the Level 10 is an odd looking beastie, you won’t need proprietary parts to build a computer in it. That said, it will be a limited edition part, so if you want one for your next rig, get in line now.

Build quantity hasn’t been determined yet, but don’t expect them to be around forever. We hear the price will be a bit north of $800, quite steep for a case, but you get quality and exclusivity for that money. You will almost assuredly have the only one at your local lan party.

Exact shipping dates have not been announced, but with the first few parts trickling in, expect them to ship in quantity later this summer. We will bring you a closer look at the guts of the beast in a day or two, but until then, rest assured that it looks as fresh and exciting as it did in March.S|A

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