Corsair has a new look

Heatsinks, water coolers and PSUs

CORSAIR HAS THE usual array of goodies on display, from RAM to water coolers, low end to high. The cases shown off at CeBIT are officially part of the line now too.

Corsair XMS3 heatsinks

The new look of heatsinks

Corsair is all about memory, and there are two things to talk about there. As you can see from the picture above, the first one is a new look. The XMC heatsinks are a little brighter and cleaner looking. On the other end of the line, the Dominator GT looks no different, just the eye-catching red tops you know and love.

That isn’t to say there are no new Dominators, Corsair showed off a very low latency DDR3 module new to the lineup. The new parts are DDR3/1600 4G (2 * 2G), with a low latency of 6-6-6-18. The kit ships with the fan that clips on top, so it is the complete setup, not just DIMMs.

 Corsair Water cooler

Green goo mover

On the water cooling front, we have the new and far less expensive H50 cooler. If some of the case parts look familiar, that is because it is a collaboration with Asetek. We are told the parts that matter are all Corsair though, but using some Asetek gear allowed them to not re-invent the wheel where it wasn’t needed. Because of this, the H50 will retail for only $79, not bad at all.

Two things that were updated are the power supplies and cases. The PSUs are the in HX line, Corsair added a 750W to the existing 850W version. The other update is the case line. No major changes to the spec, it is now just final.

That case just got the name Obsidian 800D and it is much more polished and looks far better than the CeBIT prototypes. The side panel removal and attachment mechanism, a single button, looks good and the front hot swap bays have a removable and reversible door. It is pretty slick overall, and worth a look if you are going to buy a case.S|A

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