Yet another new ATI chipset appears

Baby brother to the 890/5690

YOU FIND THE most interesting things when you look closely at show photographs, in this case, it is a second new ATI chipset. This one is called the SR5650, and it sits on a single socket Tyan S8005 board.

Tyan 8005 mobo

The new mystery kid

The chipset itself is undoubtedly an RS890 variant with some things fused off, but we are not sure what. Specs on the sheet next to call it the SR5650 + SP5100, so half of it is a known quantity. It is said to have a single 16x PCIe slot, but the board clearly has two. We suspect a devious Intel plot here, what else could it be, an innocent typo?

While you are getting out the torches an pitchforks, you will see that Tyan also put a couple of 32-bit, 33MHz PCI slots on board, 4 SAS and 6 SATA. No SATA chip is officially listed, but this is very unlikely to be provided by DAAMIT. Both port types will do RAID 0, 1 and 10.

There are two GigE ports from an Intel NIC chip, a Via Firewire controller, and Realtek provides warning sounds. Things get interesting when you notice video is provided by Aspeed and their AST2050 chip. This part also provides remote management using IPMI2.0 and has integrated KVM over IP functionality. Mental note, I need to pay more attention to these guys.

In the end, it is a single socket managed server from Tyan, but it could be a workstation in a pinch. With this chip, it looks like Tyan has next gen AMD parts ready for 1, 2, and 4 socket machines.S|A

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