ATI wants more brands

Say hi to Alphatech and VTX3D

THE BIRDS IN Taipei are singing again, and like the tree frogs, they usually have something to say. This time, the tune is about DAAMIT wanting partners to have more brands.

Birds around the Nangang MRT station were singing about Sapphire and TUL/Powercolor both launching new brands. Sapphire’s new arm will be called Alphatech, and Powercolor will be the proud parent of VTX3D.

Unlike tree frogs, birds tend to be poor at market segmentation plans, they are much better at names. Because of this, and lack of talkative frogs in the Nangang area, we are not sure where in the market the brands will be aimed.

An educated guess would be that they are aimed at the low end and emerging markets so ATI can attack that without devaluing some of the partner brands. Gamers don’t like to hear that their shiny new $300 card is made by the same company that puts out $29 boards that fall into the category of barely acceptable.

There are undoubtedly others in on this move, but the names have yet to reach the birds, frogs or us. Given the markets where we think this is aimed, don’t expect a major announcement when it happens.S|A

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