Intel sneaks out four Xeons

Low and high power

INTEL PUT OUT four new Nehalem CPUs today for both server and workstation markets. They are mostly just speed and power variants of the current chips, both on the low and high end.

The server part is called the L5530, a four core, 60W Xeon. This one should do really well in the market, even with the normal premium pricing, it packs a good performance per watt punch.

Three other CPUs, the W5590, W3580 and W3550 were put out at the same time. The first, W5590, is a dual socket chip running at 3.33GHz, and the other two are single socket at 3.33 and 3.06GHz respectively. All three of these are 130W CPUs.

Other than that, not much new, just speeds and voltages. While the Intel pages listing price have not caught up to the announcement pages, don’t expect any of these CPUs to be inexpensive. Then again, speed costs, how fast do you want to go?S|A

Update: Intel got back to us with pricing details. They are, in 1K unit quantities: W5590 – $1600, L5530 – $744, W3580 – $999, W3550 – $572.

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