CompuLab has an all green machine

CES 2010 Top of the Energy Star pile

CompuLab has a winner. Yup, indeed a winner. It’s not often that you find someone at a booth bragging about low power and is willing to let you test it.

Here are the results: 7 watts, 9 watts under draw with a movie playing. That’s on Windows 7, not the cut-down netbook version either, full Windows 7.

CompuLab has been around for some time and is one of those generic names that passes you by. However, it sells to over 300 companies and specializes in customizable handheld computing products in its Exeda line (think embedded) and single board solutions. This isn’t your Dell, HP, or Lenovo so it isn’t pretty but boy, practical it is.

CompuLab has recently turned to energy efficiency with the availability of lower power chips offering realistic performance. It achieved the top of the pile for the energy star list with its fit-PC line and its latest addition to that line proves it out.

The fit-PC2i is a minature PC intended for the networking and the industrial application field. It carries dual Gbit ethernet ports, up to a 2GHz CPU, up to 2GB RAM, internal SATA HDD, resolution of 1920×1200, digital audio, dual LAN and WLAN, all running inside a fanless enclosure measuring just 4 x 4.5 x 1.05 inches.


Interestingly, it also supports full-HD, 1080p video playback with an IR receiver. Based upon the Intel Atom Z5xx it supports Windows 7, Windows Server, and Ubuntu. We didn’t ask about other flavors of Linux we suspect you might even be able to use it with Mandriva, although in that case it undoubtedly wouldn’t come pre-installed.

The box may be black but we think this is one all-green computer. Now, let’s hope someone doesn’t brand it and turn it into the next Hello Kitty computer.

There’s more at CompuLab’s website.S|A

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