CyberLink announced PowerDVD for Moblin

CES 2010 Forgets that netbooks don’t have DVD drives

CYBERLINK MIGHT VERY well be selling the most well known DVD playback software with its PowerDVD, but the company seems to have finally decided that it want more than just the Windows market and has as such announced PowerDVD for Moblin version 2.1. As you might know, Moblin is Intel’s own Linux version for netbooks, but hang on a second, how many netbooks can you buy with a built-in DVD drive?

Ok, so that might be a bit unfair, as PowerDVD is more than just a DVD playback application these days with support for both Blu-ray and just about every other video format on the market. The latest Windows version offers a wide range of fancy home theatre friendly specifications as well, but most of these wouldn’t really be at home on a netbook either. Why? Well, simply because there aren’t a lot of netbooks with HDMI, multi-channel audio or HD video playback capabilities.

Still, we can see there being some interest from the netbook makers, although that will depend on hardware support of course, especially with Moblins fairly limited device compatibility. It’s great to see more support for Linux from software vendors, but we’re not sure if Moblin is the right target platform, especially not for what most people know and think of as a DVD playback application. CyberLink has yet to announce availability and pricing.S|A

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