Nvidia shows off Fermi and 3-monitor cards

CES 2010 Too little, too late

Nvidia world iconNVIDIA FINALLY SHOWED off Fermi, or in this case, GF100 today, running Unigine without any numbers. It didn’t show off cards with three display outs yet, that has to wait for tomorrow.

Back of the fermi

Note the camouflage, it isn’t sawed off

The big news is that the cards are running, and have both 6 and 8 pin power connectors, meaning a theoretical 225W TDP. It was running DX11 based Unigine benchmarks without any numbers showing. Lets see if Nvidia can make them in quantity though. Reported bin splits of the A3 silicon are not looking promising for a hard launch.

Edit: Power is 300W at this config. 75W through the slot, 75W from the 6-pin, and 150 for the 8-pin.

The other big news is that Nvidia has a three monitor out card, and they are calling it 3D Vision Surround. Imagine that, won’t ATI be surprised that such a thing is possible, they will have to scramble to…. Oh. They have six outs you say? Ah. Well Nvidia has three! On one card. But you need really expensive matching 120Hz monitors from makers that tithe to Nvidia properly. Yawn.S|A

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