Dueling graphics videos hit the net

Monkeys, ninjas and viral videos

ATI logoIT LOOKS LIKE it’s time for dueling product videos once again, with ATI and Nvidia both releasing their own ‘viral’ videos. ATI’s is about upgrading to a DX11 card and Nvidia’s is about the birth of Fermi GF10.

You might recall the older G4Saurus videos, the Defectus and Rebrandus ones. While many were expecting sequels, things went silent for more than a year. Now, ATI came out with a viral video of its own about upgrades. The idea is simple, that upgrading a video card is so easy that even a monkey can do it. While that might be true, it still rules out about half of the general public.

We are attempting to get a monkey to see if it is really that easy, but the closest we can find is a Tapir and its hourly rate is not within our budget. Benchmarks and videos when we get anything simian to test with.

Not to be outdone, Nvidia released a video detailing its upcoming Fermi GF100 card. Since it can’t show numbers yet, and won’t share specs, it had to do a background video about the making of the cards. It might be overly dramatized and ‘sexed up’, but it really shows how much hard work it takes to put on a show like this.

While Nvidia neglected to tell us about the video, just like it did for the press days last week, nothing escapes the watchful eyes of our forum denizens. Thanks to them, you can see Part 1 here. Enjoy.S|A

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