US Magny-Cours pricing revealed early

Initial specs somewhat off

THANKS TO ONE of our forum members, we managed to dig out a lot more details on the upcoming Magny-Cours processors from AMD and it seems like yesterday’s source was somewhat off the target, in terms of both pricing and specifications.

A US online retailer called PCs for Everyone slipped up and posted pricing and specifications early for what appears to be AMD’s entire range of Magny-Cours Opteron processors and thanks to Google cache we managed to dig out all of the details after a tip-off from forum member nvo. Below is a breakdown of what seems to be a much more credible line-up from AMD with what are hopefully correct specifications this time around.

8-core models

  • 6124 HE, 1.8GHz, 65W ACP, $529
  • 6128 HE, 2.0GHz, 65W ACP, $599
  • 6128, 2.0GHz, 80W ACP, $309
  • 6134, 2.3GHz, 80W ACP, $599
  • 6136 2.4GHz, 80W ACP, $849

12-core models

  • 6164 HE, 1.7GHz, 67W ACP, $879
  • 6168, 1.9GHz, 80W ACP, $849
  • 6172, 2.1GHz, 80W ACP, $1,149
  • 6174, 2.2GHz, 80W ACP, $1,349
  • 6176 SE, 2.3GHz, 105W ACP, $1,599

Although these prices aren’t quite as attractive at the entry level, there are some significant reduction in prices as you move up. The higher clock speeds are a lot more promising, not to mention the much lower TDP in all cases. We also have both higher and lower specced models included now, which makes the line-up look a lot more complete. This looks like a much more solid range and we have a feeling that there will be a lot of workstations and servers being sold with both 8-core and 12-core processors in them at these prices.S|A

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