USB powered 802.11n routers show up

CeBIT 2010: Trendnet ups the mobile speeds

Trendnet logoTRENDNET HAD TWO neat devices at CeBIT, a travel router and a 3G to WiFi router. While neither one is unique, both had features to set them apart from the pack.

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Dwarfed by it’s own power supply

Officially, the travel router is called the TEW-654TR, and it comes with the router, PSU, case and cables. The first nice feature is that it has 802.11n, the others we have seen are only 802.11g. Next is that you don’t actually need the power supply, the router can be powered off a USB port. Once you set it up, all you really need to bring on a trip is the router and a USB cable. Not bad for less than $70.

The other device is a router that takes a USB 3G modem and turns it into a WiFi router. This isn’t anything horribly new, but it is a generic solution, you are not bound to a single carrier or modem. It is also battery powered with a claimed 2.5 hours of life and an optional car adapter. This could be really handy on road trips.S|A

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