Haswell has a sucessor

Intel roadmaps for 2014

Intel logoWHAT DO YOU do if you are Intel, and your next next next generation part, Haswell, is thrown into a tizzy by the re-purposing of a major component? Easy, you smile and move on 1,394 miles to eastern Washington.

Short story, Haswell no longer has Larrabee cores for integrated GPUs, but what is in there is a mystery. GenX? PowerVR? Another internal architecture? Whatever the case, the architecture that follows it, Rockwell, will have a variant of the same GPU core.

For those not following this with an obsessive-compulsive-like fervor, Intel’s roadmaps go Sandy Bridge in 2011 on 32nm, Ivy Bridge in 2012 on 22nm and Haswell a year later, also on 22nm. The new Rockwell is a shrink of Haswell, and that means it will be on a 16nm process in 2014.

The next one is due in 2015, and that will be… revealed later.S|A

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