Snow Leopard gets updated to 10.6.3

Users hoping for problem solving

APPLE HAS RELEASED its latest update for Snow Leopard and its users are hoping it will solve a lot of the glitches that have been plaguing Apple’s most recent incarnation of OS X. The update is said to fix a wide range of issues ranging from problems with Wi-Fi to software bugs in both 32 and 64-bit mode, all the way to better Windows compatibility.

The full combo update weighs in at a massive 784MB, but running Apple’s software updater might result in a much smaller download, as the combo update includes previous updates as well. Users are reporting downloads of between 440MB and 760MB, which is quite a hefty download akin to a service pack for Windows.

We’re slightly curious about what some of the updates actually fix, as Apple’s list of what’s included doesn’t go into too much detail about the individual patches. One of the major updates includes better support for OpenGL 3.2 although it’s slightly ironic that Apple has only just added proper support for the previous version of OpenGL when the Windows platform just got support for OpenGl 4.0. Other updates include a new and hopefully more reliable version of QuickTime X, improvements to Wi-Fi connection reliability and fixes for various third-party USB devices and printers.

Some of these fixes sound like they are things Apple missed somewhere during the development stages, while others are specific for the new iMac’s such as an odd pixel problem when watching video on them. Apple users have waited for quite some time for this update and many owners of the latest generation of iMac’s are pinning their hopes on the 10.6.3 update that it will fix the problems they’ve been having with their systems beyond the yellow screens and various graphics card issues.

In related news, Apple is expected to unveil its updated range of MacBook Pro notebooks tomorrow using Intel’s Core i series of mobile CPUs, but as always with Apple, it’s impossible to predict when a new product will be launched or not. However, Apple has traditionally launched new products on Tuesday, although April seems like a more likely month, as this is also somewhat traditionally the month when Apple launches new products, rather than March, so don’t hold your breath.S|A

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