Gigabyte has Google TV ready motherboard

And a white box solution

THERE HAS BEEN a lot of buzz around Google TV since it was announced a couple of weeks ago and since we know the hardware is based on Intel’s Atom CE4100 SoC platform, we were quite surprised to see exactly that kind of solution hiding in plain sight among a range of server motherboards at Gigabyte.

The sign below the board which is known as the GA-SBKAN2 said it was deigned of IP-STB systems, in other words, this could very likely be exactly the kind of hardware we’ll see in some of the Google TV solutions that are set to arrive later this year.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the simple reason that this board had three USB 2.0 ports around the back, we could’ve sworn that this is the board that Logitech will be using in its Google TV companion box. However, the Logitech box only has two USB 2.0 ports, so this board has obviously been designed for a different partner.

Gigabyte also had a white box solution which was literally just that, a white box with one of these boards in it, but oddly enough we weren’t allowed to take any pictures of it. No such restrictions were put on the motherboard though. Make what you want of this board, but we expect this to turn up in one or the other Google TV box at some stage.S|A

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