Super Talent outs new SSD drives

480GB of SSD loveliness

IS THAT 32GB SSD getting a bit on the small side? Not to worry, Super Talent has announced that it’s getting ready to ship its new UltraDrive MX range which tops out at no less than 480GB. That should be enough space to compete with most notebook hard drives at least, but the real question is, can you afford one?

The UltraDrive MX range stretches from 60GB through to 120 and 240GB all the way to the 480GB model. Super Talent claims read speeds of up to 250MB/s and write speeds of up to 180MB/s. This is far from the industry best, but hopefully the pricing of the UltraDrive MX series will reflect this. We’re by no means saying it’s slow, but these kinds of speeds are quickly becoming the norm.

Super Talent is using a JMicron 616 controller for the UltraDrive MX series and it provides trim support and garbage collection which should prevent the performance from dropping over time. All four models features SATA as well as USB connectivity and the latter make it easy to transfer the data across from a notebook hard drive. No pricing was announced, although Super Talent isn’t shipping the new drives until September 1st, so that could be why they’re holding off on pricing announcements.S|A

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