AMD outs the Bulldozer based Orochi die

GTC 2010: Second generation fusions abound

Fusion LogoNOT SATISFIED WITH showing off a Llano wafer, AMD showed off the next generation part, Orochi, at the GloFo GTC summit today. While there was no silicon to pass around, pictures are much better than test.

Update: There is a lot of confusion over the term ‘fusion’. Some AMDers say that fusion = CPU + GPU on one die, others say it represents the entire family of chips from now on. AMD’s Phil Hughes wrote SemiAccurate and said that this part is not a ‘fusion’ by his definition, so we will take his word for it. Either way, there are no GPUs/shaders on this die.

Orochi Die

The Orochi die

Orochi is the second gen Fusion part, an 8-core 4-module Bulldozer based chip. Expect it in late late 2011. This will be the part that gets AMD back into the server game.S|A

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