AMD speeds bumps their CPUs

100MHz faster and a bit cheaper

AMD LogoAMD IS LAUNCHING a host of new chips, basically speed bumps on what was available. Don’t expect miracles, just that things are a little faster on the high end, and the ones you wanted to buy are now a little cheaper.

To be honest, AMD dropped the price on the older parts about a month ago, Lars brought you all the details here. There are eight new products that slot in on top of and around the old ones. They are as follows, with PII being Phenom II, AII being Athlon II, and the prices in ‘typical etail’ units.


Speed bumps are fun if you are not driving

The short story is that the top speed went up by 100MHz on all but the 1075T. That model slots between the previously available 1055T and 1090T. All are the same C3 stepping as the older chips, and the speed is due to the fab elves getting better at what they do, basically better binning. Not much more to say, these chips are pretty inexpensive for what you get, and you can probably re-use your old mobo.

As a side note, isn’t it refreshing to see a naming scheme that makes sense? Core counts easily discernible, speeds based on actual math, not tainted food induced hallucinations, and best of all, you don’t get held hostage for features. AMD’s new slogan should be, “It’s in there”, not “Pay up sucker” like some others we know.S|A

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