Eurotech first with Atom E600-series board

Brings with it an unannounced chipset

IT’S STARTING TO become difficult to keep track of all of Intel’s various Atom spinoffs and the new embedded processors in the E600-series appears to have started to ship out to customers. Eurotech appears to be the first with a product and in this case we’re talking about an industrial PC level piece of kit in a COM module that goes under the name of Catalyst TC. Interestingly it appears to have a chipset version that we can’t find any specific reference to.

The board itself isn’t anything particularly special in terms of what you’ll find in the industrial PC market space. It measures 67x100mm and features a range of onboard features such as Gigabit Ethernet, eight USB 2.0 ports, of which one is a client port, LVDS and SVDO interface, HD audio, three PCI Express interfaces, two SATA interface and two SD interfaces. It’s important to point out that you’d either need a base board or some type of solution to access the various interfaces as the actual ports aren’t on the board. There’s also support for up to 2GB of onboard DDR2 memory and interestingly optional support for up to 16GB of onboard Flash memory.

Eurotech doesn’t specify which CPU models we’ll see, only that the board features an Intel Atom E6xx processor with speeds of up to 1.3GHz. The chipset is quite interesting though, as the model specified doesn’t appear anywhere on Intel’s site, nor can we find any other references to it. It’s based on Intel’s “Topcliff”, but according to Intel this is the EG20T which is a 1.55W solution in a 23x23mm package. However, Eurotech is specifying the EG23T which suggests that it’s a slightly different version of the EG20T. As to what’s different, well, from what we can tell, the EG23T appears to support a couple of additional USB 2.0 ports, but there might be some additional differences between the two.

In terms of software support the Catalyst TC is compatible with Wind River Linux, Windows 7, Windows Embedded Standard and Windows CE. The board was apparently on display at IDF, but it seems like it was so small that it was overlooked. Eurotech is expecting to start shipping its various versions of the Catalyst TC sometime in the fourth quarter, although orders are already accepted at an undisclosed price point.S|A

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