The tech community lost two of it’s best this week

Losses at Intel and MSI will be felt for a long time

THE TECH WORLD lost two of their better people this week, both at far too young an age. It is our sad duty to inform you about the passing of Intel’s Greg Wagnon and MSI’s Cyril Pelupessy.

Greg Wagnon was one of the best technical marketing people at Intel, and quickly moved up the ranks from NICs to servers. Although he didn’t get much press, he was one of the key players in making sure you and I got the information we needed. Whenever you saw a server review in the last few years, it is almost certain that Greg was instrumental in helping these complex stories see the light of day.

Because he came from the engineering side of Intel before moving to marketing, Greg had a very deep knowledge of the hardware and it’s uses. There was rarely a technical question he couldn’t answer or find the answer to. Greg and the people he worked with were consummate professionals, and genuinely good people.

On a personal note, Greg was simply one of the nicest people in the industry as well as one of the hardest workers. At the server workshops held at Intel’s Jones Farm campus, Greg was always there early, and one of the last to leave late into the night.

He was always willing to take the time to answer any question posed, and always did it with grace and a smile. Greg’s passing is a loss not only to his family, but also to the wider technical community. Intel is diminished without him. There has been a fund set up for his family, and donations can be made via PayPal to

On the other side of the world, we were also told this week of the passing of Cyril Pelupessy, aka CJ on many online forums. Cyril was a Technical PR Officer at MSI, and someone who’s name came up so often in enthusiast circles that you had to wonder if there weren’t more than one of him running around.

While I never met Cyril, I had recently tried to find him at several trade shows. We had many friends in common, all of which seemed to express surprise that we had never met. After what seemed to be half of the enthusiast press telling me that I should contact him, I started asking around. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

Lets us hope that the community does not have a repeat of this week’s sad events for a long time to come. Both of these losses are going to leave a very big hole in their respective companies and all who deal with them. Our thought go out to the family and friends of both Greg and Cyril.S|A

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