Two small huge flash drives turn up

MicroSDHC maxed out, Pico-C bigger

Kingston LogoTWO SMALL LARGE flash memory devices came out this week, pushing the bounds of packaging. Kingston now has a 32GB microSD card, and SuperTalent crammed 64GB into their Pico-C format.

Kingston’s is the more familiar of the two, most geeks are familiar with microSD cards, and this one looks no different from any other. 32GB is the largest card allowed by the SDHC spec, 64GB and above calls for the SDXC format, so don’t expect much more soon. All four SKUs are Class 4, and the models are differentiated by the readers packaged with them. Prices range from $153-$159 MSRP.

Supertalent Pico-C

Small, large, and gold

Going from cards to sticks, we have the SuperTalent Pico-C memory stick. This stick is small, 31 x 12 x 3mm, huge in that it packs 64GB, and gold plated. The first two are good things, but we could do without the gold plated bit. Hopefully there will be a less gaudy one out soon. At $165, the price premium over a normal 64GB stick is pretty small.

The tradeoff in both cases are size for a bit of speed, and these two devices are firmly skewed to the size side. Neither one is going to set speed records, but both should be more than fast enough for most uses. Owning one of each of their smaller brethren, I can say that they are more than fast enough for casual use, and I would not hesitate to buy either one. 64GB on your keychain or 32GB in your phone is a good thing.S|A

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