Albatron gets into high end memory

16GB DDR3/1333 sticks anyone?

Albatron logoALBATRON HAS BEEN offering more specialty products, and the latest was more than enough to make us sit up and notice, 16GB DIMMs. The company has several memory products to back that up as well.

These Registered ECC DDR3/1333 16GB DIMMs use very specialized high end 4Gb chips, and there are 36 of them per DIMM. 4Gb chips are painfully expensive compared to the more common 1Gb and slightly more expensive 2Gb chips. The knee of the pricing curve is between 1Gb and 2Gb parts, so don’t expect these DIMMs to be cheap. Then again, if you need them, there aren’t many people selling 16GB DDR3/1333 memory sticks.

Albatron DIMMs

Four interesting DIMMs, fish by another company

Albatron tends to make specialty DIMMs for special products, and they won’t say why they decided to make high density DIMMs with high density memory, but one would guess they have a reason. Likewise the FB-DIMMs just below them.

In any case, it is nice to know there are companies that will do special order memory, and special order machines to match. They probably aren’t cheap, but if you need them, it is much less expensive than having to do the calculations manually. Faster too.S|A

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