Powercolor oveclocks the 6850

Welcome our new HD6850 PCS+ overlords

Powercolor LogoPOWERCOLOR IS DAYS away from launching a custom HD6850 chip, overclocked to over 800MHz. The company also just took a foray into the enthusiast power supply market too. Joy.


Outwardly pretty tame

The big news is the OC on the HD6850 PCS+, this one runs at 820MHz, up from the stock 775. Memory is not forgotten, it too is sped up, this time to 4.4GHz, up from the stock 4.0. If your app is memory bound, this is the card for you.

6850 back

Note the screws on the back

Another nice touch that this card has is the screws holding on the heatsink/fan assembly are nice and exposed. If you want to replace the stock cooler with a water block or something else weird, you can do it with ease.

The Powercolor HD6850 PCS+ is coming out ‘soon’ but no specific date was given. It is likely to be days or a few weeks, not months though. Sadly, no price was specified, but because the board is a bespoke design, it will likely shave a few dollars off the normal board. This overclocked variant won’t cost much more than the vanilla 6850.

We probably aren’t really supposed to talk about the water cooled HD6870 H20 edition coming before year’s end, so you heard NOTHING. Really. Shhhh……

Powercolor PSU

Just add a little power….color. Ha! A funny. Get it? Har har!

One bit of news that took us by surprise is that Powercolor now makes PSUs. Yes, the company has four power supplies, all black, not in color, with a red or yellow fan. They come in 500, 600, 850, and 1000W versions, with the latter being 80+ Bronze certified. The big ones are modular, and all look pretty spiffy, but the design isn’t going to send Apple ID people scurrying.S|A

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