ATI cuts 6950 allocation

Northern Islands goes down a bit

AMD logoIT LOOKS LIKE AMD is having difficulties with their ability to supply 6950s, they just cut AIB allocations. Luckily that is not the only news about the 6900 series today.

Short story, 6950 board allocations were cut and probably delayed a little bit from actual shipments. While it wasn’t stated explicitly by our source, word on the street says it is due to a last minute BIOS tweak. This is not unusual for product introductions, and there are zero reports of any hardware problems on any Cayman based board.

The upside to all of this is that the allocation of 6970s just went up, a lot. Some were hinting that numbers are really close to that of the 6950 drop. If you know anything about semiconductor production, that should give you a bit of insight about yields and bin splits.S|A

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