Microsoft Throws Qualcomm Under The Bus Too

Exclusive: No one seems safe for long in the Windows space

Microsoft AI keyMicrosoft seems to be on a roll of late stabbing all of their ‘partners’ in the back. SemiAccurate is actually shocked at the number of people who are actually shocked by their traditional corporate behavior.

Update May 10 2024 @ 2:45pm: We have a response from Microsoft. Normally we put up any vendor response without commentary. However, their version of the story is diametrically opposed to what SemiAccurate’s sources are saying and, well, we know which one we believe. That said a Microsoft spokesperson said, “Any claims of Microsoft being unhappy with Qualcomm are false.” When asked about the substance of the article, they gave the generic non-answer of, “Microsoft works with many partners to allow for a robust and vibrant Windows PC ecosystem. Beyond that and the statement we provided to you; we have nothing further to share.” SemiAccurate stands by it’s story. End update.

Rather than kick this story off with the usual quote about those who forget history we will just point out that is a long standing practice at the company. Earlier this week we told you about the about face Microsoft took with regard to Intel and AMD for AI PCs, now it is Qualcomm’s turn. Yes with friends like these, why do you need to knife your own back?

So what are we talking about? No sooner did Microsoft throw the x86 players under the bus in favor of Qualcomm, they slammed said bus into reverse and ran over their new ‘valued partner’. The more things change… Just what are we talking about, and why haven’t we mentioned Nvidia or the interesting but baseless excuses being fed to OEMs yet? And what about the new player in the laptop space that Microsoft effectively just created? Stick with us for the rest of this hilarious story.

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