Samsung breathes life into dying wireless USB standard

Announces new high-speed, low-power chipset

AH YES, WIRELESS USB, hands up everyone that’s using it – right, never mind then. Well, it seems like Samsung is trying to breathe new life into what so far has been a mostly useless extension of the USB standard by introducing a new chipset which is set to boost speed and lower power usage. Hopefully it also features a built in microscopic nuclear reactor so the remote device doesn’t need any additional power.
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Seagate’s Quarter Results Noted

cloudy skies ahead

Seagate just reported its best annual results ever, with $2.66 billion in revenues and $387 million in net profits and if you exclude stock repurchases, the company would have generated $1.4 billion in cash after repaying creditors.   Seagate has now more than $2 billion in cash and only a small portion of its debt is in the short term, everything else is long term. With such a bright picture why is the market hitting so hard their stock after showing those numbers?
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